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Matt De Los Santos- Expert Trainer

I believe in helping my clients get motivated to adopt a healthy lifestyle by education them on the benefits of healthy eating and exercise, but also warning them of the dangers of unhealthy dietary habits along with a sedentary lifestyle. I want my clients to feel confident in their looks, but more importantly to develop a healthier and better quality of life.

Tommy Aquilino- Premier Trainer

Richard Arthur – Expert Trainer

Pete Cantu – In Training

Jennifer LaMantia – Expert Trainer

Debra Martinez- Premier Trainer

Jennett Perez- Expert Trainer

Ann Tooker – Premier Trainer

Zandi Vanschoovhoven – Premier Trainer

Catherine Vasquez – Expert Trainer

April Nicholson – Group Exercise Coordinator


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Kimberly Curtis

Matt De Los Santos

Megan Dunaway

Lydia Fleck

Carlo Garza

Elizabeth Kelly

Juli Kirkland

Jennifer LaMantia

Jennett Perez

Scarlett Richie

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Ann Tooker

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