Announcing, Gentle Yoga

Have you wanted to try a yoga class, but are too intimidated by the gorgeous people you see on television bending themselves into impossibly complex poses? Our new “Gentle Yoga” classes are for you. On Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays, at 7pm, and Saturday mornings at 10:00, Ann is teaching a gentle yoga that will teach…


Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

We sit when we eat, drive, watch TV, use the computer, go to the movies, ball games, etc. For short periods of time we may be standing in line, grocery shopping or walking to and from our car to sit! Add all the hours we sit to when we are lying down sleeping, and that leaves very little “active time”.

NEAT or non-exercise activity thermogenisis is becoming more important especially with the overweight, sedentary person trying to lose weight. While exercise is done for for developing and maintaining physical fitness, NEAT is any other kind of movement, such as walking, standing, toe-tapping, playing an instrument, etc.