Landshark Childcare – Sharky’s Club


Sharky’s club is $15 a month per child. Keep in mind that we use professional childcare workers, not bored trainers taking turns sitting in the room while the kids watch videos. For $15 you can bring your child to Sharky’s every time you come to the club. That’s the best babysitting deal you’ll ever find.


Sharky’s Club is open for children between 6 weeks and 12 years of age. See policies listed in our brochure below.

Helpful Hints

Separation anxiety. Many young children experience separation anxiety. It generally does not help to stay around longer to try and comfort them. This only reinforces the idea in their mind that if they cry you won’t leave. It’s best to be clear and firm and drop them off, knowing there will be some adjustment. If they don’t calm down in a few minutes, or if their behavior becomes difficult to manage, we’ll come find you.

Please pick up your children promptly when your workout is over.