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New Class: Zumba Party


ATTENTION LANDSHARKERS!!!! NEW CLASS ALERT! Zumba® PARTY. (Not your mother’s Zumba!) at 8pm, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Latin rhythms, Reggaeton, Hip-Hop and other genres with easy to follow moves creates a one-of-a-kind fitness class that will leave you wanting more! “Ditch the workout, Join the party!”

52 Days to Your Best Body

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Are you Ready to Reach your Best Body inside and out? We’ve got a new “52 days To Your Best Body” group starting in April. You can sign up as late as April 1st. The nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle challenges of this 52 day Countdown are strategically designed to help you reach Your Best Body…

Your Best Body in 52 Days: FAQ

CLICK FOR DETAILS INCLUDING FEES, SCHEDULE, AND REGISTRATION   What all does the Best Body Count down include? Please request your center’s Best Body Countdown Facilitator for details. Will anyone be able to see my info on the private Facebook Group? No posts, nor any photos you post will be visible to anyone except Best…